Expedition Broker is a travel partner that offers unique experiences in adventure travel. Heli-skiing on Denali, surfing in Alaska, fly fishing by floatplane; Expedition Broker handles all the logistics to take you there. They were approaching a limit to their reach, and we were tasked with increasing their brand position and user engagement.


With a thorough evaluation of the brand position, the customer, the offerings, and the methods that brought them all together, SLTWTR worked with Expedition Broker to redefine brand and online experience. Collaborative sessions allowed us to sit in the shoes of the adventure traveler (not a far stretch for many of the SLTWTR team), and the the business owner, and define goals from both sides. Demographics, personas and use cases were identified and speculatively augmented to mark our target destination in this journey of a project. From there we executed, to make these goals align via visual and interactive communication tools.


Before broadening the reach of the Expedition Broker brand could be tackled, we needed to provide an identity that could effectively receive and captivate a growing audience.

The words iconic, simple, clean, and descriptive came into play when creating the logo and visual identity for the brand. The brands offerings were compiled and distilled into their most elemental states, and combined into a visual representation in the form of an icon and nameplate, that would prove to be a very effective tool in communicating the brand. Fonts, colors, photographic styles, and design elements were defined for consistency and assembled into a Style Guide, a functional composition that the brand could lean on for visual support in all areas of marketing.


With specific goals requiring users taking specific actions for next-level engagement on the Expedition Broker website, we were challenged with the question of how do we give the user’s just enough to take the next step willingly, without making a shift in their business model. This present opportunity in website design that was visually stunning and made profound emotional connections with users from the moment they land to the critical moment of actionable engagement. With engagement at the forefront, and through analysis of the brand’s assets, photography played an enormous role in carrying the burden. Beautiful imagery depicting land and seascapes is a major component of the design, and makes a breathtaking proposition to the user, that these are more than just scenes, they’re experiences, *if you take the next step*.

Take a look, we dare you not to dream.

Acquisition Accessibility

One challenge that haunted Expedition Broker was the lack of exposure through search visibility. This is a simple enough mountain to climb, with a proven track record of success in this arena, we confidently and effectively improved visibility to a staggering degree.